Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saudi youths launched an anti-government movement

The youth in Saudi Arabia since last week launched an anti-government movement with the name " Revolution ID card " .

They initially protested government policies on Twitter and now they are uploading videos on YouTube to protest against the Saudi king .

Site Middle East Monitor reported on Monday ( 7/4 ) , in the last week of a young Saudi named Abd al - Aziz Muhammad Al - Dusari upload a video titled " Message to the king " . In the video he complained about his living conditions more difficult , the lower salaries that can not meet their needs .

He said the government is more busy with " bombing " ( terrorism ) rather than meet people's needs .

He demanded the government to improve the lives of the people of the oil money that is more enjoyable for the royal family . At the end of the video he bravely showed identity cards ( KTP ) as his true identity .

" My name is Muhammad Fahd Abdul Aziz Al - Dusari . Provide what we need, " he said at the end of the video.

Saudi Authorities seek cash directly Al - Dusari and arrested him on charges of sedition , defamation , and rebel against the ruler . The case instantly sparked controversy and criticism of the Saudi youth of Dair . A number of youths followed the Dusari and record their video and place it on YouTube . In the video they showed solidarity with Dusari and criticized the government for corruption .
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" I support the young man ( Dusari ) . Therefore I show my ID card with your identity . Mabruk My name is Abdullah bin Othman of Disha . I hope everyone follows this way , " said another young man in the video on YouTube .


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