Sunday, April 27, 2014

' Fatwa Haram ' iPods , the Chief Justice and Judges Hundreds Ready to Return to Country

Commission issued a ' fatwa ' against child marriage souvenir Secretary MA a 2GB iPod Shuffle . Upon this , the Chief Justice and judges prepared hundreds of returns to the country .

" The number of justices and judges - judges who served on the Supreme Court of a total of 170 people , including the Chief Justice , Deputy Chief Justice and Heads of rooms as leader MA , has expressed willing to give up the iPod to the Commission when expressed as a gratuity , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Justice ( IKAHI ) branches MA , Prof. Gaius Lumbuun told AFP on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .
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Commission late last week that Apple 's gadgets have to be returned . But until this morning , there has been no official letter from the Commission related to the decision if the iPod is the gratification received MA .

" The number of judges who are members of the branches MA IKAHI total of 190 people registered and received an iPod as many as 170 people , will return if it has received notice of the Commission assessment results , " said Gaius who is also the supreme judge .

In ' fatwa' her , the agency said the iPod as a form of gratification . If not restore , then the receiving party can be charged offense of corruption . Returns a maximum within 7x24 hours .

" Being a state-owned and must be submitted to the state , " said Vice Chairman of the Commission , Busyro Muqoddas .


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