Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Democratic Convention Not-Be Stopped

Secretary of the Democratic Convention, Suaedy Marasabesy, said the convention should not be stopped.

Based on the rules that have been agreed, this process should run until the end. "It's a deal," he said, when contacted on Wednesday (16/4).

He stated there prokontra about conventions. There were requested dismissed. However, it should be returned to the agreed rules.

So, must go on. There is no elimination. Later, convention participants will continue to maneuver shows his qualities.

If dismissed, clearly Suady conditions, then lost before the war. "We will continue," he explained. No word stop, let alone give up.
All processes must be running to strengthen the political power of Democrats.
(see also: ternak kenari )

They will be surveyed elektabilitasnya.
After that will be compared with the three candidate electability widely heard lately, that Jokowi, Ical, and Prabowo.
"The result will be a consideration of the Democrats," he said.


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