Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jokowi Rice Exhibition of South Sulawesi Quick Work Results

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo blusukan in Cipinang Rice Main Market , Pulogadung , East Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) afternoon . He was reviewing four containers of rice imported from South Sulawesi , the results of cooperation between the two provincial governments .

" It's the rice that we bought yesterday from the South. There are seven containers , which are already up to four containers . Three more are still on the road , " said Jokowi on the sidelines of the blusukannya .

Jokowi said cooperation distribution of food commodities such a positive impact on rice farmers in the region of origin , the consumer , to the dealers in the market area . Farmers in South Sulawesi , further Jokowi , gain market certainty .
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With so farmers are not manipulated by parties irresponsible through bonded labor system ( buy green rice at a low price ) . Also expected to improve the welfare of farmers .

"More importantly, there is an additional supply of rice in the rice market Cipinang . Merchant profit , consumers also benefit . Kan the price is low because of the availability of safe , " he said .

Just an idea , every day needs of rice in Jakarta for two thousand tons . Jokowi confident , cooperation between the Government of Jakarta with the South Sulawesi Provincial Government to continue in the future , even if he was elected president in the presidential election July 9, 2014 .

" This relationship is no intergovernmental , but businessmen . They 've met, mutual trust , so yes definitely sustainable , " he added .

Previously reported , Jakarta Provincial Government signed a cooperation with South Sulawesi province in terms of food security . A number of areas in South Sulawesi wealth is distributed to the capital city , such as rice , beef and fish .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Finance Minister: Euro Weakens Cause Crisis Thailand

Finance Minister Chatib Basri said, the rupiah weakened these days due to two factors , namely domestic and sentiment coup in Thailand .

" Indeed, I think there is an impact to us , but I think it is limited . But I do not know , the rupiah weakened because of the situation in Thailand or domestic situation .

When I read in the media , I read , everything said because the domestic situation ( after the establishment of two couples -vice presidential candidate ) . But at the same time Thailand is also no effect , " he said , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Chatib added , imports in April is expected to rise . Not only from the influence of Thailand , but also the companies have started to import a lot of raw and auxiliary materials , after getting a loan from a bank .

" So , I do not overly surprise , for example, this April could be a small surplus , or even be a deficit , " he said .

Today the exchange rate depreciated by 0.63 per cent to 11,633 per U.S. dollar RP .
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Associated with the trade , the Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) recorded a trade deficit with Thailand Indonesia decreased from 402.9 million U.S. dollars in February 2014 , became 371.9 million U.S. dollars in March 2014 .

" The political situation in Thailand that disrupted production in Thailand's chaotic , " said Hadi Wibowo Sasmito , Deputy for Distribution and Services Statistics BPS , BPS Head Office , Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

Due to decreased production of Thailand , Thai exports to other countries including Indonesia also declined . However , this decrease in supply causes the price of goods produced in Thailand are also practical ride .

" Car prices in April rose , especially those from Thailand . Impact of Thailand to the average price of Indonesian car from there , due to reduced production . Because the volume down , while we do not need a car ride less precisely , so run to the price , "said Sasmito .v


Saturday, May 24, 2014

KPK Find Evidence Determination Wacik

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) was looking for evidence of the alleged involvement of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) Wacik , in cases of alleged corruption or graft -related activities in 2013 the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources APBNP discussion .

Because the two cases handled by KPK . For the case of alleged bribery or gratuities discussion APBNP 2013, the Commission has set chairman of House Commission VII of the Democratic Party , Sutan Bhatoegana , as a suspect .

While the former Secretary General of the Energy and Mineral Resources have been defined sebaga Waryono Karno suspects in the alleged corruption of EMR use by 25 billion budget for socialization , healthy bicycle , and maintenance Office Building Secretariat of Energy, as well as the alleged bribery or gratuities EMR -related activities .
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KPK deputy chairman M Busyro Muqoddas states , which became the first focus of the Commission to look Wacik alleged involvement in a bribery case discussion of the state budget in 2013 EMR .

He confirmed in court convicts former Head of Special Unit Upstream Oil and Gas ( Oil and Gas SKK ) , Rudi Rubiandini and Deviardi aka Ardi , revealed no tribute USD190.000 (each USD140.000 and USD50.000 ) and tribute $ 1 million that turned into USD500.000 is for the discussion of the revised budget .

When granting of EMR USD140.000 tribute to Iryanto Muchyi , former experts of Sutan Bhatoegana , Jero already present at the hearing with Commission VII .

"We'll see whether the facts that appear in the trial could be evidence , " said Busyo after monthly discussion titled " Saving the archipelago Stomach Contents " at the KPK building , Jakarta , Friday, May 23, 2014 .

He said, it is still studying how much knowledge Wacik related discussion of the state budget , and the process of bribery and corruption allegations . He hopes the public can Munggu development process KPK investigation is being conducted .

According to him , the investigator will be studied also from the suspect Sutan Bhatoegana , Waryo Karno , and witnesses related to the extent of involvement Jero role . Yesterday investigators examine Iryanto Muchyi as a witness to a suspect Sutan Bhatoegana .

" It's still not finished . Process of deepening the investigation is still dilakuka . I just can not get concluded . Testimony in the trial is not likely redundant . Which of the trial that it was developed , " he said .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Allow Israeli Gaza Christians Participate Welcomes Pope Francis

Hundreds of Christian Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip have been allowed to go to the West Bank to welcome the Pope's planned visit Francis . Similarly, local officials , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

" Israel allows 650 Gaza Christians to travel to the West Bank to greet the arrival of Pope Francis this weekend , " said a Palestinian security official .
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Hundreds of Christians across the Erez border gate to get out of the Gaza Strip and heading to the West Bank . The Israeli government allowed only Christian citizens aged over 35 years to come to the West Bank .

"Palestinians feel very honored by the visit of Pope Francis . Visits will also be evidence of the recognition of the Palestinian people , " said Milad Ayyad ( 22 ) , whose mother went to the West Bank to greet the Pope .

Minerva Saba ( 54 ) , a woman who lost her son when the Israeli military assault on Gaza in 2008 , Francis also hopes Pope will visit Gaza and Gaza Christians pray together .

"Christians are a minority in Gaza and we have many problems that need to be heard Pope Francis , " said Saba .

In the Gaza Strip there are 1,500 people embraced Christianity , most of them embraced Greek Orthodox Christians and there are only 130 people who embraced Roman Catholicism.

According to the plan , Francis Pope will begin his visit in the Middle East by visiting Jordan on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) , before continuing the journey to Bethlehem , the West Bank , then to Tel Aviv and ending the journey in Jerusalem .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Session Case foreign ministry, Attorney Will Present Wirajuda

The public prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) plans to bring former Foreign Minister Noer Hassan Wirajuda , as witness the case of alleged corruption trial implementation and international conference at the Foreign Ministry . However , until now the prosecutor is still tracking the whereabouts of Hassan .

"It should be today ( as a witness ) . 's Just our schedule next week , " said prosecutor I Kadek Wiradana at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Hassan asked to testify for the defendant Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat who is a former Secretary -General (Secretary ) Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
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Kadek explained, it had sent a letter calling for Hassan . However , Hassan is known to have moved house so that the letter did not reach the hands of Hassan . Later , Kadek learned that the Presidential Advisory Council Member for Foreign Affairs is now living in Tangerang , Banten .

" We go to her house in Srengseng Rice said was baseball live there again . Earlier the former diplomat said his friend , he ( Hassan ) now live in Tangerang , " said Kadek .

At the time this case occurred , Hassan served as Foreign Minister . Sudjadnan indictment , he was said to have received Rp 440 million associated with the implementation of 12 meetings / international trial in the Foreign Ministry in 2004-2005 .

Meanwhile , in a previous trial , the former Head of Budget Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry , I Gusti Putu Adnyana confirmed the existence of ' money exhausted ' USD 440 million to Hassan . According to Putu , the money is exhausted replacement costs have been incurred prior to the implementation of the international trial such as transportation and consumption .

Related to the investigation of this case , the Commission never checked Hasan as a witness . After checked in 2012 , Hassan admitted initially did not know there was a violation in the use of budgets for seminars / international trial .

Hasan claimed just found out that the funds of the conference or corrupted two years later after an internal examination by the Directorate General of Foreign Ministry . He also said he did not get the full accountability reports regarding the conduct of the conference .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Bekasi Mayor Abort Demo Action Garbage Truck Driver

Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi thwart the intention of the Bekasi garbage truck driver to perform a demonstration in front of the Patriot Center Jakarta, Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

" Garbage truck driver had come to me last night , " said Rahmat Effendi at the Patriot Center Jakarta, Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

According to him , the driver is indeed threatened to rally the next day keada mayor . They complained about the long lines that occur in Final Disposal ( TPA ) wells Stones when they want to take out the trash . They demanded the Bekasi government to immediately resolve it .
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" Last night was the garbage truck difficulty disposing waste to landfill . Indeed in Batu landfill wells that are already overloaded . We are working on land acquisition by expanding the landfill area , " he explained .

On the previous night , about 40 garbage truck driver parked his truck in Bekasi Bekasi Square GOR . The incident occurred at 22:00 . They are upset because long lines are common in landfill wells Stones as they were last night . However , the action was canceled because the mayor is able to dampen the emotions of the driver on the previous night .

Formerly Secretary of the Department of Health has said Hani Siswandi land traffic in landfill Well Stone is narrowed due to the additional land used as a landfill. So that the driver requires more time to dispose of waste to landfill .

" That usually just 15 minutes , this time to take out the trash could take up all night , " said Hani .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The bridge of "Abu Fly" Cheaper and Environmentally Friendly

Indonesian researchers , no less true with their colleagues abroad . Even some of them managed to reveal the findings and falsifies the idea that if further developed will have broad impact on the competitiveness of Indonesia in the future .

One interesting idea is the use of fly ash ( fly ash ) with a high volume of work for the concrete bridge structures . The findings were presented at the Colloquium held Research and Development Road and Bridge , Agency for Research and Development of the Ministry of Public Works , last week , in London .

The inventor , Rulli Ranastra Irawan , explained that the concrete is still a top choice as a feedstock infrastructure development . In fact , the use of fly ash at the same time it can reduce the cost of environmental mitigation . This technology is not only applicable , but also environmentally friendly .
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" The use of fly ash ( fly ash ) as an added ingredient in the manufacture of concrete has many advantages , both economically , environmentally , and improve the quality of concrete , " said Rulli Ranastra Irawan as stated in the paper .

That is , the reason a lot of fly ash used in the United States . According to a survey conducted by the National Ready Mix Concrete Association in the United States , 39 percent of manufacturers of concrete using fly ash as a mineral added .
Fly ash is a residual product of coal usage . In Indonesia , coal is still widely used . According to the Ministry of the Environment 2006, waste from coal fly ash produced reached 52.2 tons / day , while the bottom ash waste reached 5.8 tons / day . Rulli stated , of that number , 60 percent fly ash produced has been exploited by industry ( data from PLN TJB , 2010) . Using fly ash , is tantamount to treating the waste .

However, the use of fly ash still must be considered carefully . The reason is , there should be special measures to ensure the amount of material added proper use . In addition , not all fly ash has pozzolanic activity enough to give good results in concrete .

Fly ash was not always available near the construction site . If this happens , it will add to the cost . Then , the possibility of fly ash composition on each concrete mix was not the same .


Whatever it is , Indonesia is in dire need ideas on roads and bridges are applicable . This need comes from the desire to improve Indonesia's competitiveness in the international arena , and strengthen food security and the national economy .

Head of Research and Development Road and Bridge , Herry Vaza , roads and bridges is an important infrastructure that involves a variety of things , including national and ease of connectivity to reach all corners of the region . However , without appropriate technology , environmentally friendly , and low cost , the construction of infrastructure to be not optimal .

For academics and stakeholders about the development of infrastructure , the colloquium is a special event to exchange ideas and innovation . The colloquium participants can follow the discussion papers and ask questions directly to the speakers about new findings or results of related research .

Herry said the issue was widely heard and discussed in the colloquium is a technology development roads and bridges , as well as environmental issues . In addition , the colloquium participants are also encouraged to find a way of managing the infrastructure development that is environmentally friendly and utilize local resources .

Meanwhile , on the same occasion , the Head of Public Research Agency Waskito Pandu said that these innovations have been improving Indonesia's competitiveness position in the field of technology and economics .

" At the Consultative Group on Indonesia ( CGI ) last year , Indonesia is still in position 50 out of 144 countries . Currently we are rising to the rank of 32 out of 150 countries . Was because of our competitiveness is quite promising , " he said .


Monday, May 12, 2014

There is a scene Virus MERS Goodwill Surutkan Citizen Pilgrimage

The rise of the proclamation of MERS - CoV virus from Saudi Arabia did not dampen the enthusiasm of residents signed up for the pilgrimage . At least 10 people every day come asking for information about the pilgrimage to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Yogyakarta . In Bantul , there's always people who come to the office to sign the Hajj .

" At least 10 people a day come to the office to ask the Ministry of Hajj information or to register , " said Head of Hajj and Umrah Operation Witness Office of Religious Affairs Bantul , Bambang Inanta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .
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He said , Hajj departure waiting list in Bantul district has reached 3,068 people . Per year has increased .

Meanwhile , the departure of Haj quota per year to reach more than 2,000 Yogyakarta pilgrim . This quota is divided to four counties and one city .

" In one year Muslims in Yogyakarta , especially in Bantul who register reaches 600 to 700 registrants , " he added .

Bambang explained Similarly , the government set Hajj departure fee of Rp 33.7 million per person . The cost of that is much less than the cost of the pilgrimage plus the Rp 80 million .

Meanwhile , Head of Health Problems ( FMD ) Dharmawan Pramudi Bantul Health Office said it would not recommend a departure for pilgrims who do not fit the conditions and susceptible infected .

" We have the authority , recommending if it is not in good health , " he concluded .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Canon Launches Cheap DSLR Camera

First introduced at the CP + photography exhibition in 2014 in Japan , in mid-February , the Canon EOS 1200D DSLR camera has officially entered the Indonesian market through Datascrip Canon as the sole distributor in the country .

The launch event took place this week in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) ago .
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Based on the written information received by Kompas Tekno , the EOS 1200D is the successor of the EOS 1100D carries type sensor with a resolution of 18 megapixels which has a sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 6400 .

Image processor used was the same as the previous generation , the DIGIC 4 . Likewise with the AF system still relies on modules with a 9 - point cross-type sensors in the center .

On the outside , the EOS 1200D handgrip portion is now covered with a textured rubber material to solidify handrails . The LCD screen is enlarged to a size of 3 inches with a 3:2 aspect ratio , the shape of the sensor .

Other changes include a switch live view / movie record has now moved just to the right of the viewfinder .

By Datascrip , the Canon EOS 1200D is priced at Rp 5,650,000 .