Thursday, May 22, 2014

Allow Israeli Gaza Christians Participate Welcomes Pope Francis

Hundreds of Christian Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip have been allowed to go to the West Bank to welcome the Pope's planned visit Francis . Similarly, local officials , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

" Israel allows 650 Gaza Christians to travel to the West Bank to greet the arrival of Pope Francis this weekend , " said a Palestinian security official .
( read: perawatan kenari bakalan )

Hundreds of Christians across the Erez border gate to get out of the Gaza Strip and heading to the West Bank . The Israeli government allowed only Christian citizens aged over 35 years to come to the West Bank .

"Palestinians feel very honored by the visit of Pope Francis . Visits will also be evidence of the recognition of the Palestinian people , " said Milad Ayyad ( 22 ) , whose mother went to the West Bank to greet the Pope .

Minerva Saba ( 54 ) , a woman who lost her son when the Israeli military assault on Gaza in 2008 , Francis also hopes Pope will visit Gaza and Gaza Christians pray together .

"Christians are a minority in Gaza and we have many problems that need to be heard Pope Francis , " said Saba .

In the Gaza Strip there are 1,500 people embraced Christianity , most of them embraced Greek Orthodox Christians and there are only 130 people who embraced Roman Catholicism.

According to the plan , Francis Pope will begin his visit in the Middle East by visiting Jordan on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) , before continuing the journey to Bethlehem , the West Bank , then to Tel Aviv and ending the journey in Jerusalem .


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