Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The bridge of "Abu Fly" Cheaper and Environmentally Friendly

Indonesian researchers , no less true with their colleagues abroad . Even some of them managed to reveal the findings and falsifies the idea that if further developed will have broad impact on the competitiveness of Indonesia in the future .

One interesting idea is the use of fly ash ( fly ash ) with a high volume of work for the concrete bridge structures . The findings were presented at the Colloquium held Research and Development Road and Bridge , Agency for Research and Development of the Ministry of Public Works , last week , in London .

The inventor , Rulli Ranastra Irawan , explained that the concrete is still a top choice as a feedstock infrastructure development . In fact , the use of fly ash at the same time it can reduce the cost of environmental mitigation . This technology is not only applicable , but also environmentally friendly .
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" The use of fly ash ( fly ash ) as an added ingredient in the manufacture of concrete has many advantages , both economically , environmentally , and improve the quality of concrete , " said Rulli Ranastra Irawan as stated in the paper .

That is , the reason a lot of fly ash used in the United States . According to a survey conducted by the National Ready Mix Concrete Association in the United States , 39 percent of manufacturers of concrete using fly ash as a mineral added .
Fly ash is a residual product of coal usage . In Indonesia , coal is still widely used . According to the Ministry of the Environment 2006, waste from coal fly ash produced reached 52.2 tons / day , while the bottom ash waste reached 5.8 tons / day . Rulli stated , of that number , 60 percent fly ash produced has been exploited by industry ( data from PLN TJB , 2010) . Using fly ash , is tantamount to treating the waste .

However, the use of fly ash still must be considered carefully . The reason is , there should be special measures to ensure the amount of material added proper use . In addition , not all fly ash has pozzolanic activity enough to give good results in concrete .

Fly ash was not always available near the construction site . If this happens , it will add to the cost . Then , the possibility of fly ash composition on each concrete mix was not the same .


Whatever it is , Indonesia is in dire need ideas on roads and bridges are applicable . This need comes from the desire to improve Indonesia's competitiveness in the international arena , and strengthen food security and the national economy .

Head of Research and Development Road and Bridge , Herry Vaza , roads and bridges is an important infrastructure that involves a variety of things , including national and ease of connectivity to reach all corners of the region . However , without appropriate technology , environmentally friendly , and low cost , the construction of infrastructure to be not optimal .

For academics and stakeholders about the development of infrastructure , the colloquium is a special event to exchange ideas and innovation . The colloquium participants can follow the discussion papers and ask questions directly to the speakers about new findings or results of related research .

Herry said the issue was widely heard and discussed in the colloquium is a technology development roads and bridges , as well as environmental issues . In addition , the colloquium participants are also encouraged to find a way of managing the infrastructure development that is environmentally friendly and utilize local resources .

Meanwhile , on the same occasion , the Head of Public Research Agency Waskito Pandu said that these innovations have been improving Indonesia's competitiveness position in the field of technology and economics .

" At the Consultative Group on Indonesia ( CGI ) last year , Indonesia is still in position 50 out of 144 countries . Currently we are rising to the rank of 32 out of 150 countries . Was because of our competitiveness is quite promising , " he said .


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