Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coming to ied , Train Track Checked

A number of train travel lane VIII Surabaya operational areas prone to floods and landslides . Prone areas in Malang include Sumberpucung , Pakisaji , and star anise . While other regions in Kesamben , Blitar , and Bangkil , Pasuruan . Pathways in the region are vulnerable to landslides in steep cliffs .

" Prone areas are being monitored , especially during the rainy season , " said a spokesman Daops VIII Surabaya , Sri Winarto , Monday, April 28, 2014 . Goal, to ensure safe train travel lane . According to him , the team overseer check the current railway line before the first train journey every day . However , when the current and forth behind the Lebaran , examinations carried out two times a day .
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Moreover, it also alerted rapid response team called the Flying Gang to repair if in an emergency lane . The gang consists of highly trained technicians and equipped with security tools . So , if the track is damaged in a short time , can be fixed.

Flying Gang team consists of 10 personnel spread over 19 resort areas of East Java . The team is also equipped with a material to a standby appliance , consisting of sand and stone and other materials train line . In addition , security is also involved police from areas prone to vandalism crimes railway line .

Ahead of Eid flow back and forth and back , officials inspect and repair rail lines . As far as data collection is still prone areas or that there is damage . Materials and equipment have been prepared to repair the track .

In addition , the path along the levee mud Lapindo Sidoarjo , is also a concern . Examination of the path are constantly supervised , and the train speed is limited a maximum of 5 kilometers per hour . The goal , for the sake of the security and safety of the passenger train .

A total of 160 points along the train line VIII Surabaya Daops no barrier so prone to accidents . To that end , the area monitored to prevent accidents . Moreover , when the exodus increased frequency of train travel . " We are coordinating with the local Department of Transportation . "


Monday, April 28, 2014

Commission Adopts Sound Recapitulation I Dapil Sumatra

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) recapitulation of the national vote endorsed legislative elections ( Pileg ) 2014 from the Regional Electoral ( electoral district ) of West Sumatra I, Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) night . In these areas , the Golkar Party won the highest voice sounds 251 511 .

" The results of counting electoral district of West Sumatra West Sumatra province I passed , " said Commission Chairman Husni Kamil Manik in a plenary session vote counting results Pileg rekapititulasi 2014 in the Building Commission , Central Jakarta , on Monday .
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Dapil Sumbar I covered the South Coastal District , Solok , Sijunjung district , Tanah Datar , Mentawai Islands , Dharmasraya , South Solok , Padang , Kota Solok , Sawahlunto , Padang Panjang.

In these constituencies , the candidates compete for eight House seats . Following Golkar is Gerindra by a vote 153 689 votes, the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , 150 297 votes, the Democrats , 143 703 votes, and Nasdem Party , 136 060 votes.

Furthermore , the United Development Party ( PPP ) got 114 123 votes, followed by the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) and the Indonesian Democratic Party ( PDI ) Struggle , respectively 103 069 111 750 sound and voice .

In the last three ranks there Hanura with 84 626 votes, the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , 40,408 votes, and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party PKPI , 18 180 votes.


Solo Not Worried Station Ticket Counter Closed

The plan of PT Kereta Api Indonesia ( Persero ) closing ticket booking counter at the station starting next August was not worried by the management - station managers in the area . Head of Solo Racing Station , Sigit Budiantono , for example , admitted to not worry because the number of ticket buyers through the counter and non - counter is the same number .

" Purchase tickets at the counter station about 400 sheets each day . Who buy online as well as many , " he said when met at his office , Monday, April 28, 2014 . Moreover , the closure of the counter is only applied for booking tickets the day of departure . ( Read : Railway pemudik Padati Senen Station )
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Previously , KAI decided to start stop the train ticket booking service in the station manually . Termination ticket booking service at the station will begin simultaneously on August 15, 2014 in all regions of KAI operations in Indonesia . ( Read : Additional Trains Announced A month ahead of Eid )

" All stations will serve future reservation and purchase at the station so that the culture is not there , " said Commercial Director KAI Slamet Suseno , Sunday , 27 April 2014 . Elimination culture at the station to buy tickets is one way to facilitate people in getting a train ticket .

Sigit explained , later serving counters still purchase tickets for the day of departure H. " We still serve ticket purchase go show or for departure on the same day . Surely, if there are still tickets left , " he said .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

' Fatwa Haram ' iPods , the Chief Justice and Judges Hundreds Ready to Return to Country

Commission issued a ' fatwa ' against child marriage souvenir Secretary MA a 2GB iPod Shuffle . Upon this , the Chief Justice and judges prepared hundreds of returns to the country .

" The number of justices and judges - judges who served on the Supreme Court of a total of 170 people , including the Chief Justice , Deputy Chief Justice and Heads of rooms as leader MA , has expressed willing to give up the iPod to the Commission when expressed as a gratuity , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Justice ( IKAHI ) branches MA , Prof. Gaius Lumbuun told AFP on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) .
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Commission late last week that Apple 's gadgets have to be returned . But until this morning , there has been no official letter from the Commission related to the decision if the iPod is the gratification received MA .

" The number of judges who are members of the branches MA IKAHI total of 190 people registered and received an iPod as many as 170 people , will return if it has received notice of the Commission assessment results , " said Gaius who is also the supreme judge .

In ' fatwa' her , the agency said the iPod as a form of gratification . If not restore , then the receiving party can be charged offense of corruption . Returns a maximum within 7x24 hours .

" Being a state-owned and must be submitted to the state , " said Vice Chairman of the Commission , Busyro Muqoddas .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

KPAI: Findings FBI Destroy Teacher Claims JIS Net

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) Asrorun Niam Salah said, the FBI reports that pedophiles in the U.S. has taught at JIS bury the claim that teachers in JIS net .

In a meeting with the Head of JIS Timothy Carr , KPAI already recommended him to do a thorough check of all components of the school , not just the janitor .

" He ( Carr ) accept that view , then he promises will be consolidated with internal parties , " said Asrorun .

Asrorun got the impression that the mistakes and alleged perpetrators of sexual violence directed only to the janitor , while teachers JIS net from it. However , according to him , the presence of the suspects in the FBI's findings about pedophiles in the U.S. who has taught for 10 years at JIS , KPAI believes the potential perpetrators of sexual violence on the part of the teacher .

" All of it ( reports and findings ) JIS undermines claims about cleanliness and absence of potential perpetrators of sexual violence on the part of JIS teachers , " he said .
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Daniarti Wusono of PR JIS has not confirmed her account . Questions via e - mail him yet responded .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Dino Hadi Purnomo So Surprised Suspect

Participants of the Democratic presidential convention Dino Patti Djalal said he was surprised by the determination of the former Director General of Taxes , who is also chairman Hadi Purnomo CPC as a corruption suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) .

" I follow the news earlier . Fantastic really , because he said the case was so long ago , and this extraordinary event , " said Dino Patti Djalal on the sidelines of the political safari in Semarang on Monday ( 21/4 ) night .

He questioned if properly alleged corruption by Hadi Purnomo at Rp 375 billion , then where Hadi Purnomo has been keeping the money . "I wonder where he kept the money , " he said .

According to him , the establishment of Hadi as the suspect then now is the task of the Commission to prove the allegation of corruption , and how Hadi Purnomo defense.

" For technical impact with office pack Hadi who previously served as Chairman of the CPC , I have not been able to give an opinion having just heard the news , " he said .

Furthermore Dino rate, almost all cases of corruption revealed by the Commission has always begins with the first rumors . So according to him , should set up a special unit that monitors corruption rumors able to work with the Commission .

" The cases that there is now a month - two months before definite kedengeran rumor . Then need a unit that collects all the rumors and verified true or not , " he said .

Today the Commission set the former Director General of Taxation and former CPC Chairman Hadi Purnomo as a suspect in the alleged corruption case related to the petition filed tax objection Bank Central Asia valued at Rp 5.7 trillion in 2003 .
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Hadi charged for allegedly abusing his authority as the Director General of Taxation period 2002-2004 . Determination Hadi as a suspect by KPK right through the day when Hadi recently served as Chairman of the CPC , before retiring .


Mobile Cellular Association Tax Me Not Logical

The government's plan apply sales tax on luxury goods ( GOODS) for mobile phone products ( cell phones ) are considered not to have a clear underlying logic . The reason for the imposition of sales tax to attract investment products rated local phone absurd .

" The logic of how the government ? If cell phones are charged sales tax on luxury imports may still make sense . However , if the phone is also subject to local sales tax on luxury , where there are investors willing to invest in Indonesia ? " Mobile Vice Chairman of the All-Indonesia Association of Lee Kang Hyun in Jakarta , Wednesday, April 10, 2014 . ( Read : Taxable Smartphone Luxury Goods , This Condition )
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Besides , no one will invest , said Lee , if this PPnBM plan so applied , be sure Indonesia will flood the dark mobile phone . The numbers are even reach half of the official mobile phone available in Indonesia .

Currently the number of mobile phones available in Indonesia officially around 60 million units . If PPnBM be applied , about 50 percent of cell phones are sold in Indonesia are contraband . "That figure is based on estimates of data association , " said Lee . ( Read : Luxury Tax Smartphone stimuli Smuggling )

If Indonesian mobile flood dark , the government will lose tax revenue of Rp 5 trillion per year . Based on data association , deals mobile phone industry in Indonesia could reach Rp 50 trillion per year .

Association also pessimistic government can control the influx of illegal mobile phones . Therefore , in Indonesia, there are hundreds of ports that can be used as the entrance to a dark cell phones . " I think the Customs and Excise will not be able to oversee everything , " said Lee .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Living life around the world ala abnormal Two Backpacks

Five years Dina Rosita and her husband Ryan Koudys coming from Canada through life as a backpacker , explore more than 45 countries with just a backpack .

This backpack is nicknamed Two couples choose life moving from one country to another since April 2009 .

Another husband and wife may be living with a career and build up the house and fill it with property and raising their children . But not so with two backpacks .

They go through life as husband and wife with an adventure climbing cliffs in El Nido Philippines , was swept away while paddleboarding in Honduras , and join the ranks of the demonstrators in Bangkok .

There are many things that should they sacrifice to undergo that option .

They must be willing to go as far from parents and friends , no home , and sell all their possessions for the sake of capital around the world .

The remaining items are just a backpack on their backs are relatively light for the size of the annual trip . Sized backpack eight kg to 13 kg for Ryan and Dina .

" This is not a normal life , but what's wrong with being not normal ? " Dina met in Jakarta said this week .

Before deciding to become a backpacker , both live as general.

Dina , who came from Surabaya , met with Ryan while an exchange student in Japan . They married in 2002 and lived in Canada and through the activities of each .

Dina who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering struggling with work in the laboratory while Ryan worked at a software company .

" Our initial capital is the savings of a lifetime , " said Dina .

She and her husband raise money and saving lives since married , even when not thought to be a backpacker .

" We do not start from zero , but negative , because no student loan debt of tens or hundreds of millions , yes," said Dina .

Extreme decisions they would get a negative reaction from people nearby.

Many are pessimistic that they could run that intention , there is also deplore the decision of Dina and Ryan leave the life that has been painstakingly fostered .

But thanks to their determination , all worries were unfounded.

" Early-onset , especially in the first trip , every talk to family and friends , what he says makes the spirit collapsed . How life has been nurtured ? " she said .

" But if we can not live a normal life like this and can enjoy it , do not ask other people's money and survive , where the harm ? "

Affairs of funds does not stop there .

Dina and Ryan had to rack my brain to be able to continue to move in the last five years . They are still working on the road .

Both choose a job that can be done with an Internet connection capital . Ryan became the programmer while Dina became a writer and photographer .

Do not rush

" Travel is not a sprint , a journey is not a marathon , chill out and enjoy the moment . " Thus the principle of Dina and Ryan melancong that they put in the blog Two Backpacks .

In adventure , Dina and Ryan berpatok not on the quantity or the country where they are flown . Their style is relaxed and flexible and not dictated tourist guide books .

They do not travel in a hurry so I can go to many places in a short time . But enjoy their presence in every place , mingle and feel the essence of life of local communities .

While in India , for example , Dina interact more familiar with people when wearing a sari .

Communities engage her in conversation , pose with , even braiding hair and smoothed wore saris .

" I want to explore their relationship with life that relate to the history and culture of the whole . Was something that could not be seen just by sitting on a tour bus in the tour , " said Dina .

In addition , another meaningful experience for Dina when she is in the line of anti-government protesters in Bangkok in December last year .

At first he did not think would be able to see a part of the history of Thailand . When I heard there was a demonstration in the capital city of Thailand , they suspend intention to leave for Siem Reap , Cambodia , and will stay in Bangkok as well as being part of the history of the country .

" This trip was not just to see the sights , but seeing people's lives honestly , " said Dina .

" And part of the history of this demonstration , we want to see the history of it , " he continued .

He was looking for any information on the demonstration. A difficult thing to remember many access roads would be closed and tourists are not allowed to enter .

Thanks to a friend of the local people , Dina and Ryan to join the demonstrators . No half-hearted , they are only 2-3 meters from the front row .

Dina wants to feel important as well to capture the moment with his camera . Dina curiosity about how the demonstrations in Thailand is fulfilled.

"It was the friendliness and courtesy they remain outstanding despite the atmosphere of the demo . Still giving out lunch boxes , when I accidentally hit a man who shared her something important instead of apologizing , " he recalled .

" When viewing television , the atmosphere seems really extreme with yells and shouts . Whereas the original runs screaming yes laughing and chatting . Atmosphere is more like a field trip , " he said .

go with the flow
Dina and Ryan do not yet know how long they will explore the world .

"If baseball was tired and wanted to hang out again , so we stopped . Depleted But if it wants to walk again , yes the road again . Yet we 've not got the goods again , " he said .

The same principle is applied about child . After a delay pregnancy , they are now resigned when blessed with a baby on the way to various countries .
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" Go with the flow only. Who does not want to have children ? But I take it , " said Dina .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Democratic Convention Not-Be Stopped

Secretary of the Democratic Convention, Suaedy Marasabesy, said the convention should not be stopped.

Based on the rules that have been agreed, this process should run until the end. "It's a deal," he said, when contacted on Wednesday (16/4).

He stated there prokontra about conventions. There were requested dismissed. However, it should be returned to the agreed rules.

So, must go on. There is no elimination. Later, convention participants will continue to maneuver shows his qualities.

If dismissed, clearly Suady conditions, then lost before the war. "We will continue," he explained. No word stop, let alone give up.
All processes must be running to strengthen the political power of Democrats.
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They will be surveyed elektabilitasnya.
After that will be compared with the three candidate electability widely heard lately, that Jokowi, Ical, and Prabowo.
"The result will be a consideration of the Democrats," he said.


Garuda Indonesia to Increase ATM Shared Services

Marketing and Sales Director of Garuda Indonesia, Erik Meijer said cooperation with PT Artajasa as a provider of Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) Together , it is part of an effort to continue to improve services .

In this case , Garuda provide an alternative for customers convenience in payment transactions Garuda Indonesia ticket online . Erik reveals Garuda Indonesia provides multiple channels for online transactions .

In this case via the website , Garuda Indonesia Online Sales / GOS ( B2T ) for corporate travel agents and online sales / COS ( B2B ) for corporate customers . Furthermore , the airline will also operate channel eRetail ( B2C ) for retail customers and Mobile Application Internet .
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" This cooperation is expected to provide facilities for members GOS ( Garuda Indonesia Online Sales ) and COS ( Corporate Online Sales ) to conduct transactions , " said Erik Meijer , at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Erik also adds cooperation is expected to increase the target daily deals COS and GOS up to 10 percent . Today , online transaction Garuda Indonesia contributes 20 percent of the total transaction . With this cooperation , there is expected to increase in the contribution of online transactions by 10 percent from the previous .

In addition to passing online , as of Garuda efforts to draw closer to the users of the service , Garuda Indonesia also provides a variety of alternative distribution channels for purchase and payment of such tickets via the web : www.garuda - indonesia.com , 24- hour call center .


Monday, April 14, 2014

LIPI researchers: It is difficult to reconcile Jokowi-Kalla

Political observers Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) Siti Zuhro admitted it would be difficult to reconcile Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) as a candidate for president - vice president of PDI-P , which will compete in the Presidential Election ( Election) , July 9, 2014 .

Siti revealed , Jokowi and JK did not have the chemistry to be the leader of a matching pair , which can work together to manage the government in this country .
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" It is difficult to reconcile Jokowi - JK . For me , Jokowi should not be paired with JK . Jokowi would be difficult to control the actions of JK , which is much more senior . 's Not good in a government , " said Siti in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 ) .

The public also knows JK track record while serving as Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia , 2004-2009 . During that period , continued Siti , the public witnessed the tangible presence of " solar twin " that reigns in this country , which President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) and Vice President JK .

" This is a valuable lesson . Till we see the president give up . Situation that should not happen again , " said Siti . ( ID / nov )


Sunday, April 13, 2014

8 TPS re-election in Polman title

Eight polling stations ( TPS ) in Polewali Mandar ( Polman ) , West Sulawesi ( West Sulawesi ) , for the provincial assembly and district polling had to be done again .

Commission Chairman M Danial Polman said , the Commission must hold a re-election at some polling stations in the electoral district areas ( electoral district ) 3 West Sulawesi province to Parliament and Parliament constituencies for Polman two districts .

Re Pencobloan was done because of the runoff ballot in eight polling stations in the three districts in Polman . Each one , two polling stations in the district namely Tinambung sub 2 Village Tinambung sub TPS , and TPS 4 Karama .

Furthermore , in the District Limboro there are five polling stations , the polling stations 4 and 7 dent - dent TPS , TPS 2 Napo , Napo TPS 3 and TPS 2 Tandassura . Meanwhile , the other TPS regency located in the District of Tapango dapil 2 , exactly TPS 2 Bussu .

It is said Danial , repeated at eight polling stations voting will be held on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . " For the purposes of re- election , all the logistics that have been distributed in the district , " he told SINDO , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) .

As in the DPT , further Danial , TPS committed the re piercing in West Sulawesi electoral district 3 will be followed as much as 2,402 voters . Meanwhile , in TPS 2 Bussu , District Tapango , attended by 327 voters .

According Danial , re- election procedure is no different from the previous election . Letter of invitation has been distributed the day before and the officer in each polling station will serve as the previous election .

" The re- election had to be done because the previous election , ballots in the three districts confused with other areas . However, once traced in other areas , no one confused . There might be a mistake in the packing logistics , "said Danial .

Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Murtaji Polman Anwar admitted , since its inception it has found the error during the voting April 9. Thus, the Supervisory Committee makes recommendations to the Commission for re- election conducted at several polling stations .

The Supervisory Committee recommendation also to implement the Commission circular No. 306 the implementation of re- election because of the scattered letters . In addition to the findings about the error distribution of ballots , some of the current Supervisory Committee found violations of election day polling found that the presence of not installing DPT .
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Additionally , Supervisory Committee also found some cardboard boxes that use the seal is not provided by the Commission . " All we 've noted that the findings for further proceedings , " said Murtaji .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Indosat Bundling Program Presents Samsung Galaxy S5

Indosat Bundling present Samsung Galaxy S5 program that provides FREE Internet with 96GB quota . This was done Indosat as part of its commitment to provide the best experience for the customer , as well as being a leader in data services and smartphones in Indonesia .

Indosat bundling programs with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in two options , namely bundling and bundling Postpaid Matrix Mentari prepaid . For Matrix Postpaid customers will benefit Internet 96GB quota for 12 months and unlimited free SuperWiFi . And more attract customers also get a Cash Discount of Rp . 1 million .
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As for Prepaid customers benefit Mentari 10GB quota Internet , Free unlimited SuperWiFi and Free Whatsapp for 6 months . Bundling Indosat with the Samsung Galaxy S5 is valid from 11 April to 31 September 2014 .

" We present Bundling Indosat - Samsung Galaxy S5 to provide user - experience in communicating trends and meet customer demand for smartphones with Indosat network quality of service to support the day-to- day productivity using the latest android smart phone from Samsung , " said Division Head of Device Management Indosat , Muhammad Faried Ismunandar .

" Customers who want to get Indosat Bundling with the Samsung Galaxy S5 can see on our website www.indosat.com to offer no less interesting when done pre-orders and sales in place , " he continued .

In line with the modernization of the best networking is done Indosat , customers can enjoy data services Indosat Super Wi - Fi is Unlimited internet service with high speed up to 20 Mbps technology that supports EAP - SIM ( Extensible Authentication Protocol - SIM ) so that customers do not need to fill in username and password ( Seamless ) when it will be connected to the network using SuperWiFi but enough Indosat SIM Card which is still in the active period .

Samsung Galaxy S5 present known as the Super AMOLED display brings 5.1 inch Full HD 1080 x1980 pixels . This flagship smartphone will run Android 4.4.2 Kitkat and supported by the processor speed 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 quad - core processor, 2 GB RAM , storage capacity of 16 or 32 GB , and a 2,800 mAh battery power .

Sophistication Samsung Galaxy S5 is a fingerprint recognition sensor in the Galaxy S5 . The sensor is located at the physical home button which serves to unlock the phone . It also can run a Private Mode , in which the user can open the folder " secret " , which contains documents , photographs, and others. Finger print identification can also be used for mobile payment verification .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Your iPhone Battery Wasteful? Facebook may cause

Facebook has become one of the most widely used application that iPhone users. But it turns out the application is also a bad effect, the battery quickly subsided.

According to Computer World, behind the scenes Facebook application will do a lot of activities, and it is certainly an impact on the battery quickly drains.

Unfortunately some of the functions that run it are not very useful for many users, the example features VoIP calling services in the application.
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Facebook instant messaging application attached to it also accounts for the battery life of your iPhone quickly subsided. As quoted on Thursday (04/09/2014).

But no need to panic, there are some easy steps that can be taken to minimize the battery consumption of a Facebook application, ie by turning off unnecessary features.

For example, by turning off the function 'Background App Refresh' which is present in Facebook settings menu. Deadly alone claimed to have enough savings. Easy is not it?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saudi youths launched an anti-government movement

The youth in Saudi Arabia since last week launched an anti-government movement with the name " Revolution ID card " .

They initially protested government policies on Twitter and now they are uploading videos on YouTube to protest against the Saudi king .

Site Middle East Monitor reported on Monday ( 7/4 ) , in the last week of a young Saudi named Abd al - Aziz Muhammad Al - Dusari upload a video titled " Message to the king " . In the video he complained about his living conditions more difficult , the lower salaries that can not meet their needs .

He said the government is more busy with " bombing " ( terrorism ) rather than meet people's needs .

He demanded the government to improve the lives of the people of the oil money that is more enjoyable for the royal family . At the end of the video he bravely showed identity cards ( KTP ) as his true identity .

" My name is Muhammad Fahd Abdul Aziz Al - Dusari . Provide what we need, " he said at the end of the video.

Saudi Authorities seek cash directly Al - Dusari and arrested him on charges of sedition , defamation , and rebel against the ruler . The case instantly sparked controversy and criticism of the Saudi youth of Dair . A number of youths followed the Dusari and record their video and place it on YouTube . In the video they showed solidarity with Dusari and criticized the government for corruption .
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" I support the young man ( Dusari ) . Therefore I show my ID card with your identity . Mabruk My name is Abdullah bin Othman of Disha . I hope everyone follows this way , " said another young man in the video on YouTube .