Sunday, April 13, 2014

8 TPS re-election in Polman title

Eight polling stations ( TPS ) in Polewali Mandar ( Polman ) , West Sulawesi ( West Sulawesi ) , for the provincial assembly and district polling had to be done again .

Commission Chairman M Danial Polman said , the Commission must hold a re-election at some polling stations in the electoral district areas ( electoral district ) 3 West Sulawesi province to Parliament and Parliament constituencies for Polman two districts .

Re Pencobloan was done because of the runoff ballot in eight polling stations in the three districts in Polman . Each one , two polling stations in the district namely Tinambung sub 2 Village Tinambung sub TPS , and TPS 4 Karama .

Furthermore , in the District Limboro there are five polling stations , the polling stations 4 and 7 dent - dent TPS , TPS 2 Napo , Napo TPS 3 and TPS 2 Tandassura . Meanwhile , the other TPS regency located in the District of Tapango dapil 2 , exactly TPS 2 Bussu .

It is said Danial , repeated at eight polling stations voting will be held on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . " For the purposes of re- election , all the logistics that have been distributed in the district , " he told SINDO , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) .

As in the DPT , further Danial , TPS committed the re piercing in West Sulawesi electoral district 3 will be followed as much as 2,402 voters . Meanwhile , in TPS 2 Bussu , District Tapango , attended by 327 voters .

According Danial , re- election procedure is no different from the previous election . Letter of invitation has been distributed the day before and the officer in each polling station will serve as the previous election .

" The re- election had to be done because the previous election , ballots in the three districts confused with other areas . However, once traced in other areas , no one confused . There might be a mistake in the packing logistics , "said Danial .

Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Murtaji Polman Anwar admitted , since its inception it has found the error during the voting April 9. Thus, the Supervisory Committee makes recommendations to the Commission for re- election conducted at several polling stations .

The Supervisory Committee recommendation also to implement the Commission circular No. 306 the implementation of re- election because of the scattered letters . In addition to the findings about the error distribution of ballots , some of the current Supervisory Committee found violations of election day polling found that the presence of not installing DPT .
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Additionally , Supervisory Committee also found some cardboard boxes that use the seal is not provided by the Commission . " All we 've noted that the findings for further proceedings , " said Murtaji .


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