Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coming to ied , Train Track Checked

A number of train travel lane VIII Surabaya operational areas prone to floods and landslides . Prone areas in Malang include Sumberpucung , Pakisaji , and star anise . While other regions in Kesamben , Blitar , and Bangkil , Pasuruan . Pathways in the region are vulnerable to landslides in steep cliffs .

" Prone areas are being monitored , especially during the rainy season , " said a spokesman Daops VIII Surabaya , Sri Winarto , Monday, April 28, 2014 . Goal, to ensure safe train travel lane . According to him , the team overseer check the current railway line before the first train journey every day . However , when the current and forth behind the Lebaran , examinations carried out two times a day .
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Moreover, it also alerted rapid response team called the Flying Gang to repair if in an emergency lane . The gang consists of highly trained technicians and equipped with security tools . So , if the track is damaged in a short time , can be fixed.

Flying Gang team consists of 10 personnel spread over 19 resort areas of East Java . The team is also equipped with a material to a standby appliance , consisting of sand and stone and other materials train line . In addition , security is also involved police from areas prone to vandalism crimes railway line .

Ahead of Eid flow back and forth and back , officials inspect and repair rail lines . As far as data collection is still prone areas or that there is damage . Materials and equipment have been prepared to repair the track .

In addition , the path along the levee mud Lapindo Sidoarjo , is also a concern . Examination of the path are constantly supervised , and the train speed is limited a maximum of 5 kilometers per hour . The goal , for the sake of the security and safety of the passenger train .

A total of 160 points along the train line VIII Surabaya Daops no barrier so prone to accidents . To that end , the area monitored to prevent accidents . Moreover , when the exodus increased frequency of train travel . " We are coordinating with the local Department of Transportation . "


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