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Living life around the world ala abnormal Two Backpacks

Five years Dina Rosita and her husband Ryan Koudys coming from Canada through life as a backpacker , explore more than 45 countries with just a backpack .

This backpack is nicknamed Two couples choose life moving from one country to another since April 2009 .

Another husband and wife may be living with a career and build up the house and fill it with property and raising their children . But not so with two backpacks .

They go through life as husband and wife with an adventure climbing cliffs in El Nido Philippines , was swept away while paddleboarding in Honduras , and join the ranks of the demonstrators in Bangkok .

There are many things that should they sacrifice to undergo that option .

They must be willing to go as far from parents and friends , no home , and sell all their possessions for the sake of capital around the world .

The remaining items are just a backpack on their backs are relatively light for the size of the annual trip . Sized backpack eight kg to 13 kg for Ryan and Dina .

" This is not a normal life , but what's wrong with being not normal ? " Dina met in Jakarta said this week .

Before deciding to become a backpacker , both live as general.

Dina , who came from Surabaya , met with Ryan while an exchange student in Japan . They married in 2002 and lived in Canada and through the activities of each .

Dina who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering struggling with work in the laboratory while Ryan worked at a software company .

" Our initial capital is the savings of a lifetime , " said Dina .

She and her husband raise money and saving lives since married , even when not thought to be a backpacker .

" We do not start from zero , but negative , because no student loan debt of tens or hundreds of millions , yes," said Dina .

Extreme decisions they would get a negative reaction from people nearby.

Many are pessimistic that they could run that intention , there is also deplore the decision of Dina and Ryan leave the life that has been painstakingly fostered .

But thanks to their determination , all worries were unfounded.

" Early-onset , especially in the first trip , every talk to family and friends , what he says makes the spirit collapsed . How life has been nurtured ? " she said .

" But if we can not live a normal life like this and can enjoy it , do not ask other people's money and survive , where the harm ? "

Affairs of funds does not stop there .

Dina and Ryan had to rack my brain to be able to continue to move in the last five years . They are still working on the road .

Both choose a job that can be done with an Internet connection capital . Ryan became the programmer while Dina became a writer and photographer .

Do not rush

" Travel is not a sprint , a journey is not a marathon , chill out and enjoy the moment . " Thus the principle of Dina and Ryan melancong that they put in the blog Two Backpacks .

In adventure , Dina and Ryan berpatok not on the quantity or the country where they are flown . Their style is relaxed and flexible and not dictated tourist guide books .

They do not travel in a hurry so I can go to many places in a short time . But enjoy their presence in every place , mingle and feel the essence of life of local communities .

While in India , for example , Dina interact more familiar with people when wearing a sari .

Communities engage her in conversation , pose with , even braiding hair and smoothed wore saris .

" I want to explore their relationship with life that relate to the history and culture of the whole . Was something that could not be seen just by sitting on a tour bus in the tour , " said Dina .

In addition , another meaningful experience for Dina when she is in the line of anti-government protesters in Bangkok in December last year .

At first he did not think would be able to see a part of the history of Thailand . When I heard there was a demonstration in the capital city of Thailand , they suspend intention to leave for Siem Reap , Cambodia , and will stay in Bangkok as well as being part of the history of the country .

" This trip was not just to see the sights , but seeing people's lives honestly , " said Dina .

" And part of the history of this demonstration , we want to see the history of it , " he continued .

He was looking for any information on the demonstration. A difficult thing to remember many access roads would be closed and tourists are not allowed to enter .

Thanks to a friend of the local people , Dina and Ryan to join the demonstrators . No half-hearted , they are only 2-3 meters from the front row .

Dina wants to feel important as well to capture the moment with his camera . Dina curiosity about how the demonstrations in Thailand is fulfilled.

"It was the friendliness and courtesy they remain outstanding despite the atmosphere of the demo . Still giving out lunch boxes , when I accidentally hit a man who shared her something important instead of apologizing , " he recalled .

" When viewing television , the atmosphere seems really extreme with yells and shouts . Whereas the original runs screaming yes laughing and chatting . Atmosphere is more like a field trip , " he said .

go with the flow
Dina and Ryan do not yet know how long they will explore the world .

"If baseball was tired and wanted to hang out again , so we stopped . Depleted But if it wants to walk again , yes the road again . Yet we 've not got the goods again , " he said .

The same principle is applied about child . After a delay pregnancy , they are now resigned when blessed with a baby on the way to various countries .
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" Go with the flow only. Who does not want to have children ? But I take it , " said Dina .


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