Monday, March 31, 2014

North Korea and South Korea exchanged gunfire in border

South Korean military today said it has responded over the bullet landed active in their waters after North Korea fired from the weapon . It makes both sides ' buying and selling ' shots along their border dispute .

" Some of the bullets fired at North Korea falls in our area and our party responded with gunfire , " said a spokesman for South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff , as reported by Al Arabiya television on Monday ( 31/3 ) . (see also: waptrick mp3 download)

There is no indication that the two sides opened fire on a specific target or anything .

Officials said residents on the island of South Korean -controlled Baengnyeong been brought to the shelter as a protective measure . The island is close to the maritime border .

" We ask all residents to evacuate to a shelter now , and some have already done , " said an official of the town hall on the island told AFP .

Pyongyang is often to test artillery and missiles into the sea , but it is rare for North Korea to reveal the training plan in advance . Deputy Speaker of South Korea's Defense Ministry , Wee Yong - sub , said the message from North Korea this is an attempt ' hostile ' to increase tension on the Korean Peninsula .

" There is no bullet fired from either side to the mainland or military installations , " said an official of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff , told the Associated Press .

This firefight followed earlier incidents of Pyongyang , by making the unusual announcement that mention North Korea will conduct fire drills , an action which is seen as an expression of frustration from Pyongyang in making little progress in recent encouragement to get outside help .

In recent weeks , North Korea has increased the threat of rhetoric and conduct a series of launch rockets and ballistic missiles are considered acts of protest against the spring annual military exercises conducted by Seoul and Washington . North Korea calls the exercises with South Korea and the U.S. in preparation for the invasion , although the allies said it was a routine exercise and defensiveness .

Pyongyang yesterday threatened a fourth nuclear test at some point , although Seoul said there was no sign of the test immediately . (see also: video clip download)

After the previous announcement of North Korea today that it will conduct training calls fired in seven regions in northern sea border , South Korea immediately responded by saying it will react if provoked .

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