Friday, March 7, 2014

The characteristics, type and Benefits of Garlic

This article will review various things about the twin onion , the garlic . As a medicinal plant and herb seasoning well , garlic plants have common characteristics , namely : about 60 cm tall , this plant is mostly grown in mountainous areas that get a lot of sunlight . Garlic stem looks apparent that formed from the stem - leaf midrib green , the bottom has a lot of cloves and if combined into a large white bulbs . Each clove wrapped in a thin skin , if the skin is sliced ​​, the garlic will release strong odors ; sharp . The leaves are shaped like elongated flat ribbon , flat edges and tapered edges grooved , length 60 cm and a width of about 1.5 cm . The fibrous roots , flowers white , long-stemmed , and umbrella -shaped .
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One source describes in his book , A Modern Herbal that garlic originated from the northern parts of the world and southern Siberia , then evolves to the southern part of Europe . Do not know when the precise moment of garlic can be grown in Indonesia, including in Indonesia, where the city was first cultivated garlic , but it is unclear at this time the plant with the scientific name Allium sativum has been scattered in various corners of the world .

Types of Garlic
Type garlic is believed only one , but it is garlic in Indonesia has many variants names , such as in Java, there are onions name bodas ( Sunda ) , onions ( Java ) , gaping pole ( Madura ) . In Sumatra there are names garlic ( Malay ) , Lasun ( Aceh ) , garlic ( Minangkabau ) , Lasuna ( Batak ) , Bacong hedgehog ( Lampung ) . In Borneo there are onions kasihong name ( Dayak ) , Sulawesi are lasuna kebo name ( Napier ) , lasuna pote ( Bugis ) , Pia Moputi ( Gorontalo ) , and last in the Nusa Tenggara are Incuna name . The names are just another name and not in the slightest have different types .

Benefits of Garlic and Gynecology (see also: pakan burung cendet)
Garlic is proven to contain essential oils that are anti- bacterial and antiseptic as well allicin and aliin . In addition it also contains calcium , Saltivine , diallysulvide , alilprofil - disulfide , protein , fat , phosphorus , iron , vitamin A , B1 , and C. All of them make garlic has many health benefits , including : nourish hair , clear up acne , prevent wrinkles , prevent and treat influenza , overcoming skin disease , weight control , heal wounds splinters , treating athlete's foot , thrush cure , as an antidote to high blood pressure , treating diabetes , treating asthma , treating headaches , treating pain yellow , hemorrhoids and constipation cure diseases , and treat insomnia . Additionally , garlic also prove useful for day-to- day activities , for example , can be used as a natural glue , clean the streets of snow , protecting the plants , and get a lot of fish .


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