Friday, March 14, 2014

Ecotourism Mangrove Area Guard

Almost every day there are visitors who want to see first hand the condition of mangrove forests in Wonorejo , District Rungkut , Surabaya , East Java . On weekends , the number could increase to 100 people . (see also: obat burung)

Mangrove forest conservation area of 800 acres that since 2008 not only heavily planted with mangroves by various organizations , companies , and communities , but the region is also a tourist spot while learning about the environment .

" Visitors are not just planting mangroves , but you know what bird or animal is still alive in this region , " said the originator of Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo , Joko Suwondo ( 67 ) .

Prior to 2008 , the region became a place of logging so that endangered mangrove forests . Logging activities in the mangrove forests now struck Saridamen time , Kejawan White Pond , District Mulyorejo , Surabaya . Approximately 100,000 mangrove trees in an area of ​​10,000 hectares in Mulyorejo illegally harvested .

" Wonorejo should be free from logging , especially now that the mangroves began to grow , " said Head Rungkut Ridwan . Surabaya on the east coast are mangrove forests covering an area of ​​1,180 acres , 40 percent ( 472 acres ) is damaged .

Currently in Wonorejo already built two gazebos for visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere and the sea mangroves . In the woods also prepared bamboo bridges to allow visitors to get around in the region .

Surabaya City Agriculture Office has also made a wooden plank bridge or a 500-meter jogging track . Although newly built in December 2010 , the current condition of the bridge has been damaged , broken boards , nails missing , and concrete sinkhole , and is now being repaired . The existence of a wooden bridge was drawn protests from local residents and environmental activists because it is considered damaging to the environment .

In a meeting with a variety of environmental elements in Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo , Tuesday ( 17/5 ) , the manager gets a lot of input . His advice , among other things , that in every tree on the label attached mangrove species and their functions . In addition , an explanation is in the dock on animal and bird species that still exist in the region .


According Joemadi , board the tourist area , site management still rely on non- residents Wonorejo . Indeed there are donations from several companies , including Surabaya City Government , such as the purchase of boats and manufacture gazebo . However , maintenance of the entire facility is the responsibility of the manager .

One way to reduce the costs is to impose admission to tourist areas of Rp 25,000 for adults and Rp 15,000 for a small child . Ticket includes round-trip fare from the pier to the gazebo with a long journey of about 15 minutes .

All that means to attract visitors coming to the region . " If a lot of activity in the mangrove forest , the desire to be definitely easy logging activities , " he said .

Currently , the region is not only participate in supervising visitors , but also people who are looking for crab and shrimp around the area Wonorejo . Fishermen from various regions are also often crossed the mangrove forest into the open sea .

According to Daru ( 34 ) , environmentalists in Surabaya , compared with 15 years ago , the size of the mangrove trees are now smaller . Seeing his condition , the trees were generally 5-10 years old , but the environment is suitable for a place to learn while traveling .

So , says the mother of three daughters , to attract visitors to the mangrove forests , managers have to involve citizens who are looking for crab and shrimp and fishing . In this way , students who come to the region can be taught how to catch crabs and shrimp so that their actions do not just travel .

Mission makes ecotourism in mangrove forests can be achieved due to early children already know how to plant mangroves that serve to preserve nature , especially to counter abrasion .

Means of travel while studying in the mangrove area is adequate , equipped only need a reliable guide . The existence of a tour guide who knows the ins and outs of mangrove forests and its contents are very important . Travelers can get an explanation for the trip from the pier to the gazebo . Forest areas also need to be cleaned of trash a very disturbing view , especially when the tide is low . Manager should prepare a dumpster at some strategic locations so that visitors do not litter.
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" The problem is there is no solution regarding garbage washed water from all directions , but we continue to strive so that more area clean of trash , " said Joko vigorous campaign to visitors not to litter the place . Wonorejo mangrove forests now never deserted from various environmental conservation activities .


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